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-Rich in fiber -vitamin C, E, K -Calcium -Magnesium – Zink -Selenium -Iodine -source of Iron
Indulge in the ultimate Caribbean Bliss with our getaway Sea Moss Blend! Packed with the goodness of coconut, sea moss, cinnamon, and vanilla, this sweet and spicy concoction will treat your taste buds to a tropical symphony. But it’s not just about the taste – it’s about nourishing your body too! Rich in fiber, potassium, selenium, and iodine, this blend supports your gut health and contributes to normal cognitive function and nervous system functioning. This 140g pouch contains enough algae awesomeness for you to create a lot of lattes, smoothies and other delicious treats! Shake, stir or blend 4 tsp (20g) with 200 ml of your liquid of choice – and enjoy!  


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Whether you need a midday boost or a relaxing evening drink, Caribbean Bliss is your go-to for feeling good inside and out. Treat yourself to this delightful and beneficial sea moss package and savor the goodness of the Caribbean in every sip!

This 140g pouch contains enough algae awesomeness for you to create a lot of lattes, smoothies and other delicious treats! Shake, stir or blend 4 tsp (20g) with 200 ml of your liquid of choice - and enjoy!
Full Ingredients list:
Ingredients: Coconut milk powder (34%), Simply Sea Moss (25%), coconut sugar, coconut flour powder, cinnamon powder (2.5%), vanilla powder, rice husk, nutmeg powder.May contain traces of molluscs, crustaceans and fish.

Kokosmjölkpulver (34%), Simply Sea Moss (25%), kokossocker, kokosmjölpulver, kanel (2.5%), vaniljpulver, rishusk, muskotnöt. Kan innehålla spår av blötdjur, kräftdjur och fisk.

Our carefully crafted formula harnesses the benefits of three key ingredients to support your cognitive performance and overall well-being. Let's dive into the incredible features of our product:

-Sea Moss: Packed with essential minerals and vitamins, sea moss is known for its potential to promote brain health and cognitive function. It contains iodine, which is crucial for optimal thyroid function, and other minerals that support neurotransmitter production and overall neurological health.

Coconut: Rich in healthy fats and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), coconut provides a natural source of fuel for the brain. MCTs are readily absorbed and metabolized, offering a quick and sustained energy source that may enhance cognitive performance.

-Cinnamon: This versatile spice not only adds a delightful flavor but also brings several benefits to the table. Cinnamon has been linked to gut health, thanks to its potential to support digestive processes. Furthermore, it is known to increase blood circulation, which can help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

-Cinnamon also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which may contribute to overall brain health.
Delight your palate with a well-balanced and exotic combination of sweet and spicy notes. Complemented by the natural sweetness of coconut sugar and a touch of aromatic vanilla and nutmeg.

These claims have not been verified by any regulating authority and simply reflect data collected by independent researches.

SV :Dessa anspråk har inte blivit verifierade av någon reglerande myndighet och reflekterar endast data genomförd av självständiga forskare”

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What kind of sea moss is in this powder?

Our sea moss is 100% Eucheuma cottonii also known as Elkhorn Sea Moss. Sustainably sourced in the Caribbean, leaving a piece of sea moss behind to naturally regenerate.

What other ingredients are there?

Embark on a mini Caribbean getaway with our inspired blend, crafted using all-vegan ingredients. Savor the taste of coconut milk powder, simply sea moss, coconut sugar, coconut flour powder, cinnamon powder, vanilla powder, and nutmeg powder.

Let the flavors whisk you away to a tropical paradise with every sip. Enjoy the essence of the Caribbean in every delightful moment.

What are the benefits?

Indulge in our sweet and spicy blend, rich in fiber, potassium, and selenium—nourishing both mind and body. Ideal for a midday pick-me-up or evening relaxation. Sip and feel good inside and out.

How can I use it?

Unleash your creativity! Utilize our Coconut Spice Sea Moss Blend in smoothies, smoothie bowls, lattes, cakes, and more, all while savoring the Caribbean vibes with each delightful sip or bite.

It’s just as delicious mixed into yogurt for a delightful treat!

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