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Seaweed is a type of marine plant that is rich in nutrients and bioactive compounds. It has a wide range of uses, including in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Seaweed is a sustainable and eco-friendly resource, as it can be grown without the use of land, freshwater, or pesticides. Additionally, seaweed plays an important ecological role in marine ecosystems by providing habitat and food for a variety of marine organisms, and by helping to absorb and sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


The different types of seaweed


Red algae


Red algae are unique plants that live in water and have a red color due to special pigments. They are used to make natural dyes, are healthy to eat, and provide food and shelter for animals in the ocean. Red algae also help our planet by absorbing carbon dioxide and using it to grow.


brown algae


Brown algae, also called Phaeophyceae, are seaweeds that live in the ocean and have a unique brown color. They are important for industries like food, cosmetics, and medicine because they contain a substance called alginates that can be used in many products. Brown algae are also good for the environment because they provide homes and food for many marine animals, and they help to remove harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


green algae


Green seaweed, also known as Chlorophyta, is a type of seaweed that is green in color due to the presence of chlorophyll. The compounds extracted from green seaweed are versatile and can be used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and agriculture. One common species, Ulva, is used for heavy metal bioremediation, which helps to remove heavy metals from the environment and promote a circular economy.

The benefits OF

Digestive Support

The key to gut health, sea moss is very low is saturated fats and cholesterol. It is a good source of dietary fiber and it has prebiotic effects.

Rejuvenates Skin

Sea moss has collagen and antioxidants. These nutrients act as a soothing and healing agent to all mucous membranes. The Caribbean secret to youthful skin!

Mental Support

A natural mood enhancer, sea moss is high in potassium and B vitamins which are very helpful for moodinessdepression, and reducing stress

Immune Support

Sea moss contains riboflavin (B2) and folate (B9), arginine, and alginate, which helps the body retain the energy stored in food and stimulates metabolism. Take your fitness results above and beyond!

Post-workout recovery

Seamoss is made up of collagen proteins which strengthen and repairs the connective tissues. The anti-inflammatory properties of seamoss help the body recover quickly after a workout.

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