The Amazing Benefits of Sea Moss

The Superfood of the Caribbean

The benefits of this regenerative marine plant surpass almost every other land-based plant. Here are some of the many ways consuming Sea Moss regularly can improve your daily bodily functions.


Brief History of Sea Moss

Sea Moss, also known as Irish moss, are red algae that grow abundantly in warmer waters, and are commonly farmed in the Caribbean islands.

The Sustenance of the Sea

Immune Health Support

Sea Moss is packed with nutrients such as Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, and Manganese.

Natural Defense From the Sea


Digestive Health Support

Sea Moss is very low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. It is a good source of Dietary Fiber and it has prebiotic effects.

The Key to Gut Health!

Mental Health Support

Sea Moss is high in potassium and B vitamins which are very helpful for moodiness, depression, and and reducing stress.

A Natural Mood Enhancer


Rejuvenates Skin

Sea Moss has collagen and antioxidants. These nutrients act as a soothing and healing agent to all mucous membranes.

The Caribbean Secret to Youthful Skin!

Post-Workout Recovery

Sea Moss contains riboflavin (B2) and folate (B9), arginine and alginate, which helps the body retain the energy stored in food and stimulates metabolism.

Take Your Fitness Results Above and Beyond!