Our History

The story of our products originated within the Caribbean algae farming culture. Sea Moss is their secret ingredient for health and strength! Although sea moss was originally passed down through generations to encourage fertility and boost immunity, modern research shows that it’s far more beneficial than the islanders originally knew! 

Sea Moss Farming is a staple of Caribbean life and by doing our part to invigorate and enhance the marine biodiversity in the ocean, we’re also supporting the local communities from where it’s derived!


Our mission as a company is to find underutilised resources in marine biosystems worldwide and encourage the responsible farming of algae to stimulate the biodiversity of our oceans further!



Amankwa is a Malmo University Master of Arts in Sustainability and Organizations with a postgraduate degree in Environmental Management and Policy from Harvard University. She has previous experience working in private education as an operations manager. As well as a software implementation consultant, guiding many of the US largest hospital systems through the implementation of new electronic recording systems. Her goal is to create more business that is aware and engaged with today’s challenges. Her expertise is integrating sustainability strategy into business models, and assessing health and environmental impacts of operational activities.

Amankwa Baptiste



Krishma Jean-Baptiste


Krishma has a Master of Science in Biotechnolology from Lund University in Sweden. She also obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biochemical Science and Technology from National Taiwan University and an MA in Leadership for Sustainability at Malmo University. Her expertise lies in research and development of biocompounds in sustainable biochemical  and food production and their validation and verification process such as product characterization and quality and regulatory assurance. She also specializes in improving social and environmental footprint at every stage of  the product life.