Our History

The story of our products originated within the Caribbean algae farming culture. Sea Moss is their secret ingredient for health and strength! Although sea moss was originally passed down through generations to encourage fertility and boost immunity, modern research shows that it’s far more beneficial than the islanders originally knew! 

Sea Moss Farming is a staple of Caribbean life and by doing our part to invigorate and enhance the marine biodiversity in the ocean, we’re also supporting the local communities from where it’s derived!

Our mission as a company is to find underutilised resources in marine biosystems worldwide and encourage the responsible farming of algae to stimulate the biodiversity of our oceans further!

Who we are?

Our goal is to work alongside small farmers who responsibly & sustainably farm these resources worldwide and offer you the products you never knew you needed! We’re all about bringing the sea to you!

What do we do?

Our main product utilises Sea Moss. Sea Moss is high in iron, zinc, omega fatty acids, and B Vitamins. And guess what! That’s right, it also tastes amazing! We source different types of sea moss worldwide, which is dried and made into powder. Its sweet flavour profile is perfect for lattes, smoothies, baking (and even skincare!)


The benefits of this regenerative marine plant surpass almost every other land-based plant. Here are some of the benefits of sea moss...

🌱 Immune Health Support


🌱 Digestive Health Support


🌱 Mental Health Support


🌱 Rejuvenates Skin


🌱 Post-Workout Recovery


We are proud to say that our products are fair trade. We source our products through farming collectives in the Caribbean Islands. Our farmers have been trained to farm and harvest sea moss responsibly, always leaving a piece of seaweed in the water to regenerate naturally. This ensures that we do not disrupt the health of the marine ecosystems. 

By partnering with our trusted local farmers and governments locally and nationally, we can create opportunities for economic growth in developing coastal communities. 💙 

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