Unlocking the Secrets of the Sea

Seatrients is a company unlocking the health secrets of the sea, starting our journey with the traditions of the Caribbean algae farming culture. The secret ingredient, sea moss algae, has been known throughout the islands as an immune booster, fertility enhancer, and a symbol of health and strength. These benefits have always been passed down from the elder generations, but modern research has shown that the range of benefits are far more immense. This resource is an excellent source of iron, zinc, omega-fatty acids, and B vitamins; nutrients that are commonly needed to enrich the diets of hundreds of millions of undernourished people today


Sea moss farming is a staple to Caribbean life, supporting the local communities through entrepreneurship, and invigorating and enhancing the marine biodiversity in the ocean. The ocean has an amazing bounty of benefits that can be provided to the world, but we need to be responsible with how we manage and care for it. People of the Caribbean islands have been responsibly enjoying the benefits of the oceans bounty for generations, and we want to share this untapped resource with you. Our mission as a company is to find these underutilized resources in marine biosystems all over the world, and encourage the responsible farming of algae to further stimulate the biodiversity of our oceans! Join us as we continue our journey unlocking the health secrets of the sea.

About Seatrients

Image by Caspar Rae



From the Caribbean, with love.

We are proud to say that our products are fair trade. We source our products through farming collectives in the Caribbean Islands. Our farmers have been trained to farm and harvest sea moss responsibly, always leaving a piece of seaweed in the water to regenerate naturally. This ensures that we do not disrupt the health of the marine ecosystems. 

By partnering with our trusted local farmers and governments locally and nationally, we can create opportunities for economic growth in developing coastal communities. 💙 

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